Available in:
9″  x 18″  (225mm x 450mm)
18″ x 18″ (450mm x 450mm)
24″ x 24″ (600mm x 600mm)
24″ x 12″ (600mm x 300mm)
12″ x 12″ (300mm x 300mm)

Our riven slabs come with a smooth edge allowing the segments to be butted closer together.

All of our slabs have an anti-slip face for safety purposes and are ideal for patios, pathways, steps and many other areas. Our slabs can also be used as copings to top off any wall.
All our riven slabs are available in 13 different colour choices to suit your needs, such as standard grey, charcoal, blaze, old York green, old oak, yellow, York green, red/black, red, golden dust, caramel, brown and caramel/black.


Paving Slab

9” x 18” / 225mm x 450mm, 18” x 18” / 450mm x 450mm, 24” x 24” / 600mm x 600mm

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